We offer some of the world’s best wine each year at Wine & Roses.

Thank you to all the wineries who donate their talents to the 31st Annual Wine and Roses Charity Wine Tasting.

Wineries pouring for your tasting enjoyment include:

Banfi (Bolla, Emiliana, Castello Banfi, Fontana Candida, Riunite, Rosa Regale)

Burbank Ranch



Canoe Ridge (Browne Family, Waterbrook)

Falkner Winery

Lion’s Run

Quintessential (Ironstone, Gustave, Lorentz, Bianchi)

Riboloi (San Antonio, Opaque, Maddalena)


Rancho de Philo

Dulzura Vineyard & Winery

Jamieson Ranch (Jamieson, Light Horse)

Golden Star

Lucas & Lewellen

Dry Creek Vineyards

Naggiar Vineyards

Anders-Lane (Mandolin)


Domaine Carneros

La Rusticana d’Orsa

St. James

Sunstrom Hill

Villa Bellezza

Vintage Wine Estates (Cartlidge & Brown, Ray’s Station, Sonoma Coast, Windsor Vineyards)


Wollersheim and Cedar Creek 

Be sure to visit our Wine Cellar, located in the Grand Del Mar during the tasting event to bid on cases of Platinum, Gold and Silver award winning wine from the San Diego International Wine Competition.

Inquiries about wine and culinary partnerships with the Wine & Roses Charity Wine Tasting should be directed to San Diego International Wine Competition Director Robert Whitley at www.WhitleyOnWine@yahoo.com or SDWineCompetition@yahoo.com.